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Hardface and Clad pipe (ID and OD welded)

Pipe and Tube systems are designed according to the environment and area within which they operate and are often not available as off-to-shelf components. Welding Alloys specialise in replacement parts and components used in piping systems where abrasion, corrosion, impact and temperature can result in deterioration of the components due to wear.

We design, optimise and manufacture ID and OD clad pipe and tube, using our range of chromium and complex carbide-based welding consumables applied by means of arc welding to the inside and / or outside surfaces. In addition to welded protection, we also have a range of non-metallic products, such as ceramic tiles, ceramic castables, polymers, resins and paints which are used for application-specific solutions.

Our solutions are fully compatible with existing plant and equipment, providing customers with turnkey solutions, which are quick and easy to install, saving valuable production time.

Various diameters and continuous lengths of up to 3m are supplied with or without flanges or offered as weld-on components. Depending on the diameter, both seamed or seamless components can be supplied. Our welding and stick quality assurance procedures ensure components of the highest quality are supplied.

Our approach of using wear audits to determine problems, provides valuable data pertaining to wear problems, enabling us to recommend, design, optimise and manufacture components that integrate seamlessly with existing equipment and prolong the life of plant and equipment.

All our designs, components and materials are chosen based on the prevailing operating condition and customer expectancy with the goal of reducing maintenance requirements. Our results show less spillage and wastage, improved plant uptime and a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), when compared with competing solutions.


Ideal for applications that are subject to a combination of:

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  • ID and OD-clad seamless pipes and tube
  • Chromium and complex carbide-based cored welding wire.
  • Flexibility to provide application-specific solutions.
  • Unalloyed, medium, or high-alloyed pipe material.
  • Minimum pipe diameter of 50 mm.
  • Welded layer thickness from 3 mm upwards.
  • Continuous lengths of up to 3000
  • Hardness of more than 800 HV (65 HRC).
  • Distortion management ensures outstanding quality.
  • Minimising of preferential wear achieved through overlapping radial welding.
  • Minimum dilution ensures consistent hardness with even, through-thickness carbide distribution.


  • ID & OD stringer-welded chromium and complex carbide hardfacing materials.
  • Wide selection of non-metallic wear resistant materials.
  • 75 mm minimum ID on weld clad pipes and tubes.
  • Wear resistant from ambient temperature up to 1 500°C.
  • Up to 3 m in length, reducing the need for unnecessary joints.
  • Varying material thicknesses of base material and the wear resistant layer.
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