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Lobster and Smooth Radius Bends and Connections

Experience gained over many years of actively solving wear problems in industry, has given us the ability, know-how and experience to identify, assess, design, optimise, manufacture and install technically superior solutions to a vast spectrum of industries.

Our Welding Alloys Integra technical experts have created solutions for both lobster and smooth radius bends and connections. Using our range of wear resistant materials, our engineers can design, manufacture, fabricate and install large diameter pipework with superior wear resistance.

Wear resistance is provided and improved by installing the correct material in the right area, but equally important, at the correct quality level.

Wherever material changes direction, wear is localised and could become problematic in a very short period of time. This is minimised by providing advanced materials and proven installation techniques, ensuring smooth surfaces without steps, excessive roughness, unnecessary area reductions and a means for inspection and repairs where possible. All our components are designed to interface seamlessly with existing pipework.

WA Integra carry out work safely by following our health and safety procedures in line with international standards. Work is performed to procedure specification by qualified engineers, with follow up audits carried out to ensure customer satisfaction.

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