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Our application-specific rubber wear protection limits the impact noise and reduces vibration experienced in applications used in various industrial activities. Our rubbers also reduce clogging that occurs in many industrial applications including chutes and hoppers, where wet material can stick to the surface and build up over time.

Rubber Wear Plates

Smooth rubber-lined plates are available in widths of up to 1300 mm, in lengths of up to 2000 mm and are available in overall thicknesses up to 100 mm. A steel backing plate can be supplied in thickness varying from 3 mm upwards, depending on the rubber thickness and / or the application.

Rub-Cer Wear Plates

This is a composite product that combines a very high wear resistant surface of cylindrical alumina ceramic pellets, bound within a resilient rubber substrate. The extremely hard ceramic surface provides exceptional resistance to wear, while the elastic properties of the rubber dampens the impact forces.

Since each ceramic pellet is completely surrounded by rubber, it further enhances the already outstanding wear resistant properties of the ceramic surface. The increase in liner life can vary from 4 to 12 times, depending on the application. The replacement of conventional liners in difficult to reach areas, can be costly and time consuming and losses in production can easily exceed that of the cost of a wear plate. Our results have shown that the increased liner life achieved through the use of  Rub-Cer Wear Plates, will more than compensate for the additional cost of the plates.

Profiled Rubber Wear Plates

There are many applications where the material flow strikes the wear surface at sharp angles. This reduces the dampening effect of the rubber, resulting in increased rate of wear. Practice has shown that when lining material is profiled correctly, the material will impact on the rubber wear plate at a more favourable angle.

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