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Internal wear of pipes, elbows, connection pieces and related components, usually goes undetected until the material breaks through the surface, unless there is a means to open or inspect these. The point of failure is often too late to avoid material spillage and unplanned downtime. During the transportation of dangerous and polluting materials, the implications of a failure can have catastrophic consequences on health, safety and the environment.

For these high risk sectors our cutting-edge wear monitor sensors are designed to offer real-time coating thickness detection and they are embedded into the ceramic coating. The sensors alert the plant and operators when they are worn to pre-set lining thickness. This is a level where the ceramic lining has become too thin for further continued operations or it can be a level set to provide an early warning system.

Our Integra service engineers are then able to repair the ceramic lining of the part back to its original profile, rather than replacing the pipe that has been damaged beyond repair. The use of wear-monitor sensors can extend the lifespan of parts and save time and money by allowing for repairs to linings during planned maintenance cycles, instead of undertaking repairs as a result of breakdowns.

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