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Frogs and Crossings

Rail components such as crossings or frogs are subjected to daily metal-to-metal wear and impact. The effects of extreme levels of wear to these parts require effective maintenance and repair solutions to deal with damages or potential breakages. Through advances in technology, automated weld restoration of worn frogs offers a very cost-effective approach to extend track lifetime, when compared to the replacement costs of worn frogs or tracks.


For this purpose, Welding Alloys developed the Frog Top Rail (FTR) machine, with pendant machine control technology. This specialised piece of welding equipment allows automated control of the welding process with little operator intervention and all maintenance takes in situ, directly on the track. Our repair solution offers a significant reduction in costs, with savings of up to 80%, when compared to the replacement cost of the worn part.

The Frog Top Rail (FTR) machine, combined with our range of consumables which have been specifically developed for rail and tramways frogs and crossing restoration. As a leading supplier, our products comply with the highest quality standards and are approved for worldwide usage.

The Welding Alloys Flex e.bot, a collaborative welding robot, or cobot. This welding machine offers high levels of productivity, flexibility and safety. It can be operated in semi-automatic or robotic modes and is easily deployed within a variety of working environments including frogs and crossings.


Our WA Integra welding services division, offers customers the flexibility of both onsite or inhouse repairs for frogs and rail crossings. By utilising Welding Alloys’ equipment designed for automated welding in combination with our specialised consumables and procedures, we can deposit alloy weld metal to respond quickly and effectively to your unique needs. We ensure a consistent finish and the highest weld quality acceptable for frogs and rail crossings, through strict procedure controls and Quality Assurance.

  • Frogs and Crossings
  • Frogs and Crossings
  • Frogs and Crossings


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