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Primary and secondary crushers

The crushing of material into smaller loads is usually undertaken in two steps, starting with the primary crusher that includes jaw crushers, hammer mill crushers, and gyratory crushers. Larger stones or mineral ores are used to produce smaller material. Where the material is not reduced sufficiently in the primary crusher, it is then crushed by a secondary crusher to achieve the correct size of the material.

Wear on parts of the crushers affect the performance and volume of material being crushed, the parts subject to high impact, and abrasive wear include the hammers, rotors, teeth, and mantles.  Failure to maintain these parts can lead to premature failure, resulting in long shutdown times and an increase in maintenance costs.


Welding Alloys has developed a unique knowledge of crusher equipment and developed a specific range of cored welding wires with wear characteristics to optimise crusher performance, reduce maintenance costs and thus, total cost of ownership.

We have extensive experience in protecting all types of processing equipment, including gyratory crushers, jaw crushers, hammer crushers, and other impact crushers. Our results demonstrate significant savings in machine downtime and production costs. Consequently, this process has been broadly adopted in a range of industries. For each type of component there is a Welding Alloys cored welding wire to provide the appropriate level of wear resistance.


Welding Alloys engineers understand the working environment of equipment and the wear mechanisms, thus enabling us to recommend materials and procedures that will increase the service life of components. To provide the best possible service, Welding Alloys uses automatic welding machines and Welding Alloys cored wires that are proven to protect against wear.

  • Primary and secondary crushers
  • Primary and secondary crushers
  • Primary and secondary crushers


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