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Industry Week at Produr

Every year since 2011, the French Government has been organising an ‘Industry Week’, with the aim of giving college and high school students, apprentices and job seekers alike the opportunity to discover Industry from a different angle.

This year marks the 11th edition of Industry Week, which is focused on the theme of “acting for an industry of the future”, more than 4,000 events are organised throughout France to promote and display the diversity of different professions and sectors.

The event offers the opportunity for industrial players to promote their respective professions and unique knowledge; also offering the opportunity to recruit new talent. Many industrial sites across the country are organising some kind of event to present their activity during this period.

This year for the Savoie region, Produr hosted the launch of the industrial week on the 17th of November. A delegate from the Prefect (the local representative for the Government) came to officially launch the week at our site. Other attendees included the National Education Regional Director, National Employment Agency Regional Director, Deputy Mayor, and journalists.

It has been a great opportunity to promote our organisation, knowledge, the fact that we hire and train people, and the commitment of Welding alloys in the French Industry.

Safety first always! To ensure the safety of all those who attended the event, we organised a plant maintenance shutdown during this 2h period.

Check out the video on LinkedIn from the event, done by a local TV station – Watch video

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