• What’s going on at Welding Alloys

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Welding Alloys USA expands their Integra workshop to support a leading Coal Power OEM. Over the summer, WA USA acquired three new roll manipulators to expand the capacity of their Integra operations. With these additional machines, it is possible to weld 250-300 rolls per year for the Coal Power industry.

There are now five roll manipulators in the Integra workshop – One 15 ton, two 5 ton and two 3 ton manipulators. With the automation of the Welding Alloys equipment, we intend to run all four or five manipulators with one person working a full shift on these machines and an additional person available to provide support.

In September, we started delivering the first rolls to the OEM and they were pleased with the result. We are looking forward to helping this OEM grow their repair business with our dedicated solutions for the Coal Power industry.

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