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Welding Alloys South Africa promotes solutions for sugar cane industry in Swaziland

Welding Alloys South Africa recently partnered with ELCOR Industries Pty Ltd, a distributor in Swaziland, to promote our SMK NG machine, as well as our WA MAXEXTRACT and MAXEXTRACT PLUS cored wires. These wires are dedicated to preventive arcing in the workshop and to improve the sugar output by wet arcing, which means arcing during the mill is continuous. Wet arcing is improving the sugar outcome enormously. The sugar cane is squeezed more efficiently and the sugar content, which remains in the bagasse is reduced to less than 2%.

The Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation Mhlume and Simunye Estate organized a meeting with  our  partner  ELCOR  and Mr. Willie Van Der Walt from WA South Africa. During this meeting, we held a presentation, “Increase your sugar output”. People were very impressed by the experience and innovation of Welding Alloys in this industry; the innovative SMK NG machine in combination with the optimal wire, increases the lifespan of the rollers and optimizes the sugar outcome as well as the efficiency of the sugar mill.

ELCOR will buy a SMK NG machine and support the sugar mills by renting the machine to them. In the meantime MAXEXTRACT cored wire will be used for arcing.

The meeting in South Africa was also well received; people are willing to do tests with our cored wires on the mill rolls. In the future, Picote/Hook welding will also be tested.

Welding  Alloys  South  Africa  has  strategically   evaluated the sugar cane market opportunities in South Africa and neighboring countries and decided to hold similar meetings / presentations in their region to increase the turnover in this industry segment.

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