FEAT Hydropower

Kaplan Turbines

When Welding Alloys was approached by a large hydropower plant customer in Brazil, they were in critical need for a sustainable repair solution to maintain their turbines, that were losing metal at a rate of 1kg daily as a result of cavitation.

FEAT pulp paper

Wood chip transportation screw

A customer dissatisfied with the lifetime of their wood chip transportation screws sought our technical advice and we delivered a solution that decreased total cost of ownership by 25%.

FEAT railways

Hadfield crossings casting defects

Rail crossings are located at the center of the switch; this key component blends the continuity of two railways and is subject to high stress.

FEAT waste shredder

Waste Shredder

Wear on waste shredder blades caused unplanned shutdowns and reduced production for a recycle customer, requiring an efficient solution to remain in business.

FEAT coal feeder

PF Coal Feeder Pipe

A Power customer, frustrated by the lifetime of a feeder pipe and contacted us for a repair solution, we offered an alternative they haven’t considered.

FEAT floating agitator

Floating Agitator Repair

A solution was needed to address surface wear on paddles of an agitator within the chemical industry, our hardfacing produced a better-than-new condition.

FEAT reclaimer

Reclaimer Wheel Buckets

A mining customer experienced significant bucket wear on their reclaimers, we delivered a long-term, cost-effective maintenance solution in a short period of time.

FEAT fertiliser star

Fertiliser Star

Fertiliser plants face significant wear-related problems in the form of abrasion, corrosion and impact, where the fertiliser stars in particular, are impacted.

FEAT vertical roller mill

Vertical roller mill

At the height of the COVID-19, we undertook a project to repair a vertical roller mill at Hanson Cement, increasing the lifetime by 400%.

FEAT sugar mill roll

Sugar Mill Rolls

A sugar mill experienced significant wear of its grinding rolls after just 185 days of grinding, the solution we offered surprised them.