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We offer solutions for pipes and tubes that include ceramic and polymer linings that offer exceptional resistance to wear and corrosion. The various types of material that flow through pipe linings can cause corrosion and abrasion, which may rapidly lead to high levels of wear and result in material losses and plant shutdowns.

By lining pipeline conveying systems with ceramics and polymers, improvements in material flow can be achieved in wet material handling situations such as, coal chutes and ash sluiceways, ash pipelines at power stations and hydraulic granulated slag or sand conveying systems. This is a result achieved through reduced clogging of the material and increased flow rates that improve performance.

Our Welding Alloys materials and solutions are designed and developed to offer flexibility to address customer and industry needs, such as for pipe casings, flanges and rings to very specific and tailored solutions. Our integra engineers are able to provide wear audits which will help identify areas of extreme wear and propose solutions to tackle these challenges.

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